Lübeck garbage containers in the middle of Albania?

Delegation trip from Lübeck's waste management company to Sarandë and Cërrik

Used, donated waste containers from Lübeck keep the promenade in the tourist town of Sarandë clean | Photo: Friederike Barthe-Carpentier, Utility Platform

From 19 to 26 October 2023, a delegation from Lübeck's waste management company "Entsorgungsbetriebe Lübeck" travelled to Sarandë and Cërrik in Albania to kick off their new utility partnerships. The partnerships are based on Lübeck's intercultural partnerships with three cities in Albania, which have been in place since 2022.

The delegation first flew to the Albanian capital Tirana and then travelled to Cërrik, where they also met the mayor. Initial questions about the composting plant in Cerrik were clarified in various workshops and meetings, including, for example, the quality of the compost, the sales market for the compost, the appointment of contact persons and the identification of optimisation requirements. The aim of the project in Cerrik is to achieve stable sales of compost in order to cover the costs incurred through planned revenues.

The visit then led to Sarandë. Here, too, the delegation met the mayor and then focussed on waste collection and transport in Sarandë. Here, among other things, it was clarified where the containers are located and whether more containers are needed. In addition to a cultural excursion to the ruins of Butrint, the delegation also focussed on Sarandë's recycling industry. A collection and recycling centre was visited together and further steps to optimise the facility were then discussed. The plan in Sarandë is to improve the separation of recyclable materials. There are also plans to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill or disposed of.

At the end of the tour, the delegation travelled to the capital of Albania, Tirana, to discuss the optimal design of the containers with a manufacturer of Albanian-style waste containers.

The colleagues can look back on a week full of new impressions, new contacts and productive meetings to shape the partnership. Two municipalities with very different starting situations and challenges, which Lübeck's waste management company is happy to take on.


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Friederike Barthe-Carpentier, Utility Partnership