Our offer

Utility platform for strengthening partnerships of municipal utilities worldwide

During the pilot phase, four partnerships between Stadtentwässerung Dresden and Lvivvodokanal (Ukraine), Hamburg Wasser and Miyahuna (Jordan), between Gelsenwasser and Lukanga WSC (Zambia) and OOWV Oldenburg and Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (South Africa) will be funded. Two more partnerships between Hamburg Wasser and Kashwasa and Kuwasa (Tanzania), Stadtentwässerung Dresden and Nadvirna and Ternopil (Ukraine) were concluded at the end of 2021. Furthermore, since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, we have been promoting solidarity partnerships between German and Ukrainian municipal utilities. Due to the current situation, the focus there is on the procurement of the necessary technical equipment as well as the required know-how.


What we offer:

  • Advice on engagement for development and on work in partnerships with municipal utilities in the Global South
  • Support in establishing and implementing partnerships between municipal utilities
  • Opportunities for networking and sharing lessons learned
  • Training for the participating municipal enterprises
  • Advice on grant agreements for project implementation
  • Support with project proposals
  • Recruitment of interested municipal enterprises for a possible follow-on phase of the project
  • Support with transport and customs clearance for donated goods to Ukrainian water companies


Who do our services target?

Our services address all German and international municipal enterprises from the Global South that are interested in implementing a project partnership together.

Our donation support for Ukrainian water companies is open to all German municipal companies, regardless of whether they are part of a project partnership.

Under “Publications” you will find further information, including reports and policy resolutions on development engagement by municipal enterprises, and publications on water and municipal partnerships.



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