Our offer for utilities

Utility platform for strengthening partnerships of municipal utilities worldwide

We support German utilities in matching with an international partner and organise networking meetings with other utilities from the project. We provide logistical support in the partner country for upcoming trips and procurements, cover travel and acquisition costs and offer training on topics such as intercultural communication. We also support the joint planning of topics and work packages.


Are you thinking about entering into an international partnership with a municipal utility and would like to find out more about the (funding) opportunities? We are looking for  utilities from the water and waste sector who are interested in forming partnership with an international utility. We will be happy to support you find an international partner. Interested companies can send a short non-binding message to our mailbox utilityplatform(at)giz.de  or contact our team (also via the contact form) to arrange an initial (online) appointment with us to clarify any open questions.


What are the benefits of the partnership for my company?

Exchange of knowledge and experience:

Collaboration with international partner companies results in a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience. Partner companies have knowledge of challenges that we may not yet be familiar with, such as extreme weather events or the operation of infrastructure under extreme climatic conditions.

Increase attractiveness as an employer:

Involvement in development projects enables meaningful and exciting projects for employees, including travelling and living abroad. This helps to increase our attractiveness as an employer, particularly in the competition for qualified specialists.

Expanding expertise:

International cooperation offers the opportunity to develop soft skills in addition to exchanging knowledge. Employees have the chance to improve their intercultural competences and language skills, such as English or French.

Improve reputation:

Through its commitment to development policy, the company contributes to improving the supply situation, living conditions and climate and environmental protection at an international level. This not only strengthens its reputation at national level, but also at international level.


Donation campaign for Ukrainian water companies

In order to provide additional support to Ukrainian water suppliers in times of war, the Utility Platform has launched a donation campaign. It is jointly organised by VKU and GIZ. The VKU is in direct dialogue with the Ukrainian water association "Ukrvodokanalecologiya", which pools the requests for assistance from its 160 member companies.



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