Technical discussions on the optimisation of drinking water treatment with the Harzwasserwerke and Kyivvodokanal

Intensive exchange within the solidarity utility partnership Hamburg Wasser - Kyivvodokanal

Control room at HAMBURG WASSER | Photo: Janika Truumees

As part of the water operators’ partnership with Kyiv, HAMBURG WASSER recently hosted a visit from four colleagues from their partner Kyivvodokanal. The Ukrainian peers visited the utility in Hamburg to enhance collaboration and exchange experiences in the field of water supply. During their visit, the peers had the opportunity to tour various technical facilities both in Hamburg and in Goslar (from Harzwasserwerke), among other, two water treatment plants, the central control room, the drinking water laboratory, and the network department.

The Ukrainian peers displayed significant interest in the best practices and procedures employed in Hamburg concerning drinking water treatment. Given that HAMBURG WASSER solely employs groundwater as the source for its drinking water system, the colleagues from Harzwasserwerke GmbH graciously hosted the peers in the Harz region. There, in-depth technical discussions were held on advanced surface water treatment techniques used locally in the Harz to deliver high-quality drinking water.

A notable highlight of the visit was the reception at the prestigious Hamburg Town Hall. The delegation was welcomed by senior representatives from the Senate Chancellery of the City of Hamburg, who emphasized the interest in fostering close collaboration in the field of water supply. During this occasion, the Ukrainian peers engaged in discussions about potential cooperation projects.

The Hamburg peers took advantage of the opportunity to engage in conversations with their Ukrainian counterparts, gaining a glimpse into the realities of life and work at a water utility under challenging conditions related to the ongoing war and aggression of Russia.

The visit of the Ukrainian delegation to the water utility in Hamburg proved to be a significant success, marking a milestone for further collaboration, which is primarily going to be continued online like before the visit.

Berliner Wasserbetriebe, the water utility of the capital of Germany will also support Kyivvodokanal within the water operators’ partnership and provide their expertise for the improvement of the wastewater and sludge management. HAMBURG WASSER is excited about the active participation and knowledge sharing of the colleagues from Berlin.

The mutual willingness to exchange knowledge and experiences holds promise for a positive evolution of future water infrastructure and supply in Ukraine. In doing so, HAMBURG WASSER contributes to the Pact for Solidarity and Future between the cities of Hamburg and Kyiv, as established by the mayors of both cities.