Ukraine: Major damage to water and sanitation infrastructure - help urgently needed!

Joint call for donations of the water industry for the Kherson region!

Photo: Volodymyr Motyl

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam and the flooding along the Dnipro River has done great damage to the water and wastewater infrastructure as images provided by our partners from Kherson show. Damage is worsening by the hour and increases the stress on the already strained population of Kherson region in Ukraine. Water supply and wastewater utilities in the region now urgently need wastewater pumps and other technical equipment.
The German Utility Platform stands with the affected utilities and the people they serve and calls upon the Water Sector for support:
If you want to donate technical equipment:

More information about the process:

Next steps and list of current needs:

If you want to support with financial donations:

Donate directly to the Ukrainian Water board "Ukrvodokanalecologiya" which coordinates aid directed towards water and sanitation utilities:

If you search for more opportunities to provide support:

You can contribute to the official Ukrainian platform UNITED24's fundraising efforts for lifeboats, water filtration stations, and other necessary equipment for the evacuation of civilians:

Check out the list of local organizations and private initiatives engaged in rescue efforts in the region.


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