Water supply companies during the war

2023 - Losses, risks and prospects for restoring the water supply industry in Ukraine


Ukrvodokanalecology - Ukrainian Water Utilities Association


The document describes how the war affected the drinking water supply in the Ukraine.

The infrastructure destroyed due to the fighting and the defeat of Russian missiles, the increased load on the regions that accepted the most displaced people — this is just the tip of the iceberg, which poses a huge threat to one of the critical systems for Ukraine — the centralized water supply and sanitation network. It is possible to prevent the collapse that may occur as a result of the implementation of the worst-case scenario only if an immediate reaction and decisive actions on the part of the state are taken.

The water supply industry entered the war completely unprepared. The infrastructure of most enterprises is outdated and worn out, because due to lack of funds, fixed assets have not been updated for many years. Given this, the risk of accidents remains critically high.

The document also describes ways out of the crisis:

"The transition to the practice of setting tariffs at an economically reasonable level will allow water utilities to finally become completely self-sufficient. Businesses will have the opportunity to cope on their own. In particular, they will be able to attract credit funds that Western donors will not provide until Ukraine has economically reasonable tariffs and, accordingly, water utilities become reliable, solvent borrowers."

The report als documents in detail how each water utility in various parts of Ukraine is continuing its work during the war and how they received assistance from water utilities from Denmark, Poland, Germany, Latvia and the Czech Republic. With new technologies now, it is three times faster to construct  a water supply system than in the standard way. International Organisation, like Red Cross, UNICEF and WHO supported in emergency assistance.

"However, it is obvious that in order to stabilize the situation and start systemic changes for the long-term projected development of the water supply and sanitation system, permanent measures are not enough in Ukraine, it is necessary to radically change approaches to managing the industry and, most importantly, leave populist approaches to tariff policy in the past."


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Ukrvodokanalecology - Ukrainian Water Utilities Association