Knowledge transfer and cooperation between Tanzania and Germany

2022 - 2022 - Utility platform for strengthening partnerships of municipal utilities worldwide

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Fact sheet about the water operators partnership (WOP) between KASHWASA, KUWASA in Tanzania and HAMBURG WASSER, and Netze BW Wasser in Germany.

The overall approach is to provide a common and equal ground to establish sustainable capacity development measures through continuous peer-to-peer exchange and knowledge transfer among all partners on all aspects of drinking water supply.

The concrete goals and targets are the following:

1. Improved operation and maintenance of drinking water infrastructure:

a. Improved Water Supply Network Performance (NRW)
b. Optimzed treatment processes in the drinking water production
c. GIS unit developed and implemented

2. Management support and strategic planning:

a. Self-assessment of utility performance incl. agreement of roles & responsibilities, initial guidance on self-assessments of utility Performance
b. Assist with strategic plan and benchmarking


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