Laboratory managers from Ukraine visit their German partners

Professional exchange to improve drinking water quality in war zone

Technical exchange in the OOWV drinking water laboratory in Rastede-Nethen (from the left): Tammo Janßen, Beate Seeger, Mariella Weyhausen, Iryna Zabara, Svitlana Kryvshenko and interpreter Iryna Aland. | Photo: Daria Ruginis/OOWV

Clean water is not a given, especially not in war zones. Two drinking water and wastewater laboratory managers from Ukraine reported on this during their visit to the Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband (OOWV) at the end of March. The exchange took place with the help of an interpreter in the Oldenburg wastewater laboratory and the Nethen drinking water laboratory, among others.

"These meetings mark another milestone in the two-year cooperation between the OOWV and the municipal water supply and wastewater disposal companies from Chernihiv and Sumy in north-eastern Ukraine," said Tammo Janßen, International Cooperation and Water Innovation Networks Officer at the OOWV. The focus of the meetings was on the exchange of expertise and experience between OOWV employees and their Ukrainian colleagues.

At this stage, this solidarity utility partnership aims to improve the quality of drinking water in Sumy by purchasing a gas and ion chromatograph. "There are also plans to provide a suction vehicle for the Chernihiv canals," reported Tammo Janßen.

Drinking water laboratory manager Svitlana Kryvshenko commented on the planned projects: "We are looking forward to receiving gas and ion chromatographs soon, as we currently lack modern equipment for determining substances that may be present in drinking water and for analysing anions. The equipment will enable us to quickly and reliably monitor the quality of the drinking water supplied to the city's population."

The technical exchange offers the opportunity to compare the working methods and equipment of the two countries. "The partnership with OOWV enables us to learn from experience and gain insights into modern equipment," explained Iryna Zabara, wastewater laboratory manager from Sumy.

For almost two years, regular digital and face-to-face meetings have been held between the OOWV and Sumy’s and Chernihiv’s municipal water and wastewater utilities. Despite the challenges posed by the war, including energy supply problems and rocket attacks, supplying the population with clean water remains the top priority.

"The professional exchange and solidarity between OOWV and the municipal water supply and wastewater disposal companies from Ukraine sends an important signal for international cooperation and the importance of access to clean drinking water for all people," summarised Tammo Janßen.


Further information: Partnership OOWV – Chernihivvodokanal - Miskvodokanal

Press release OOWV 26-2024, 03/04/2024

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