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Statement by Stadtentwässerung Dresden on the war in Ukraine

We are stunned, saddened and angered by the Russian regime's brutal attack on its peaceful neighbour Ukraine. For us, more than 75 years after the end of the Second World War, this blatant disregard for international law and the border of a sovereign state was unimaginable.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with the brave women and men who are standing up to the mighty aggressor. We sincerely hope that the suffering of the population will not increase, and that the attack will end as soon as possible.

Due to our joint work in the pilot project 'Utility platform for strengthening partnerships of municipal utilities worldwide', and our personal contacts in Ukraine, we are especially anxious for our friends and their families.

We received a call for help from our colleagues in western Ukraine. Despite danger, chaos and fear for the future, they are securing water supply and wastewater disposal in their towns and villages under the most difficult circumstances. However, they lack the emergency technical equipment to ensure operation during this crisis. To help ensure basic services in the regions by supplying the required technology swiftly and flexibly, Stadtentwässerung Dresden is in close contact with other utilities and municipalities in its network. The aid we shipped, supported by our partner utilities in the project and by other utilities from all over Germany, reached Lviv, Ternopil and Nadvirna on Monday. We stand by our Ukrainian friends and colleagues and wish them much strength.

Stadtentwässerung Dresden

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