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Kyivvodokanal is the public water and wastewater service provider in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The operator provides all water and sanitation services from water production and distribution to wastewater collection, treatment and disposal for 4 million customers in Kyiv and the surrounding area. Kyivvodokanal draws on three different sources for its water production: The two rivers Dnieper and Desna as well as underground sources, in particular aquifers from the Cenomanian and Jurassic eras.

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Hamburg Wasser

HAMBURG WASSER is a group of public water and wastewater utilities providing water and sanitation services to more than two million consumers in the metropolitan region of Hamburg, Germany. There are two separate legal entities in the company – Hamburg Water Works (Hamburger Wasserwerke GmbH) and Hamburg Public Sewage Company (Hamburger Stadtentwässerung AöR) – they were combined in 2006 under one roof with a common aim, structure and procedures, as well as identical management for the first three hierarchical levels. The Federal State of Hamburg owns both companies.


The project

Since February 2022, the people of Ukraine have suffered from the escalation of Russia's war of aggression. Ukraine's infrastructure has suffered significant damage, including that necessary to ensure basic subsistence. Ukrainians are forced to stay in unheated shelters and in some cases have no access to running drinking water. These events are not only affecting Ukraine, but the entire world.

HAMBURG WASSER does not want to close its eyes, but to take responsibility and support its Ukrainian colleagues. For this purpose, a solidarity partnership was established in August 2022 with Kyivvodokanal in order to support the Ukrainian capital utility with advice and material supplies.

In this way, HAMBURG WASSER is contributing to the Pact for Solidarity and the Future between the cities of Hamburg and Kyiv, which was concluded by the mayors of the two cities.


Even though the solidarity partnership was not officially signed until August, the first online meetings to get to know each other and take stock of the situation have been taking place since March 2022. Since then, there has been a regular online exchange and the first face-to-face meeting took place at IFAT in June last year. The Ukrainian-German team of colleagues from Kyivvodokanal and HAMBURG WASSER has defined two work packages in which they will work together in partnership: The optimization of the main water treatment plant in Kyiv, which is fed with water from the Desna River, as well as a professional knowledge exchange on key water and wastewater topics such as GIS, hydraulic modelling, water loss reduction and others. The overall project goal of the partnership is to establish a sound long-lasting cooperation in partnership between the two operators in frame of the Pact for Solidarity and Future between the cities of Hamburg and Kyiv.


In addition to the regular online exchange, concrete workshops were held, for example at the end of February on the implementation and optimization of GIS. In the future, it is planned to hold further workshops and to continue the online exchange in its intensity. Due to the acute security situation in Kiev, it will probably not be possible for the Hamburg colleagues to support the Ukrainian colleagues on site in 2023. To compensate for this, a job shadowing is planned in Hamburg, where face-to-face meetings can take place and HAMBURG WASSER's facilities can be visited together on site.

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Hamburg Wasser

Key thematic areas

Optimization of the main water treatment plant

Exchange of knowledge, e.g. on

  •  GIS
  •  hydraulic modelling,
  •  reduction of water loss

Fact sheet

Knowledge transfer and cooperation between Ukraine and Germany

Fact sheet about the cooperation between Kyivvodokanal and HAMBURG WASSER in the frame of a solidarity partnership and for the future of the City of Kyiv and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg


From project work

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Geoinformation systems and maintenance of pipe networks

Geoinformation systems and maintenance of pipe networks


Job shadowing of colleagues from Kyiv at Hamburg Wasser

Technical discussions on the optimisation of drinking water treatment with the Harzwasserwerke and Kyivvodokanal

Technical discussions on the optimisation of drinking water treatment with the Harzwasserwerke and Kyivvodokanal


Intensive exchange within the solidarity utility partnership Hamburg Wasser - Kyivvodokanal